A necessity or a nightmare

My Thoughts

With the birth of personal computers, plus the internet, came software and online tools for perspective candidates to establish well formed resumes.

Once a resume is submitted for a particular career opportunity it will then be scrutinized, in some instances, by an HR representative, the afterbirth. If by chance you should clear this hurdle the next step is a physical or phone interview with a low level department delegate.

When you satisfy this agents qualification terms chances are you will be required to interview with a higher level administrator. Now you're excited, you ponder, "I could be in, a second interview". Bullshit! If anything you just agreed to another anal exam. Secondly, this could be the same schmuck driving in front of you last Tuesday at 40 miles an hour in the highways left lane. Yes, the person you flipped off while rushing to another interview.

Now, maybe you didn't flip off this person and possibly you applied to a smaller company. If so, chances are you will be meeting the company owner. Tangent to your appointment there is the possibility you will be required to fill out yet another application. Why?! Did they misplace the first or is this another tactic to approve your penmanship. Yes, I know, retain a copy of your original submission and bring that with you. Great, more paper, more waste.

Okay, so please tell me how a resume is relevant. With today's technology this archaic concept is just that, archaic.

My thought is to issue a timed online test for each candidate relating to the open position's qualifications. Yes, some companies do utilize this process, but along with a required application and resume. I have taken several of these for management positions and found they may come from a single source. Some questions were set to understand your psyche as a leader with questions such as, "would you display diplomas, certificates or accomplishments in your office space". No, I would display photos of me doing your mother. Too bad it was multiple choice.

This is real simple folks. As I have stated before, start with an online test. I'm positive the IT department could figure this one, analytics, analytics. Through the hierarchy of conclusions you can draw instances such as questions answered, correct answers and completion time. At the final step a prescribed number of candidates are drawn, 10, 20, 30, etc.

The drawn applicants will then be required to physically appear for a practical exam. This will be done in a group or groups rather than an individual basis and according to available space.

The final outcome...come on, you can do

Now, have this definitive candidate fill out an application and see if their education is conducive. You may be surprised to find some individuals have natural talents which far exceed any teachings. This can now be followed by the ever loving interview.

I have relayed this concept to friends and colleges and some see a hazard for graduates. I understand that concern, but isn't that the institutions responsibility to prepare their scholars for careers. After all you just paid thousands of dollars for an education and the graduate earned a very decent grade point average. That's like buying a car and later finding it can only be driven a certain amount of miles in a day.

Yes, an education is an investment and yes, colleges and universities are a business. Once some people can get past the idealist perception of an extended education we may spawn the reality of common sense.

Hmm...getting a little off topic Greg...I digress...

Folks, it's quite simple. We need to rid our lives of this PC oxymoron and perpetuate an elevated existence. The day of the resume has far out lived its necessity and quite frankly is nothing more than a non-productive nightmare.